Every woman on earth wants to be loved. But unfortunately, so many young girls, not realizing their own value, just squander themselves. After one of my lectures, a girl came to me and asked: “What should I do? I’m dating a guy, I like him, but recently he told me to prove my love by having sexual intimacy with him. If I don’t do this he’ll probably leave me. And now I don’t know what to do.”

School girls meeting

It is obvious that the young man not only wants to take advantage of her, but in this does not show any love or respect towards her. As a matter of fact, he pushes her to the risk of becoming pregnant, to have trouble in school, to not receive a good education, or even the risk of losing her ability to ever have children. One can’t call this love.

For this reason we, together with various community organizations, arrange meetings for young girls. We tell them about pure and genuine relationships helping them to distinguish between true love and care from deceit. We also arrange campaigns for women. For instance, we congratulated the women on International Women’s Day, March 8th, in Chernigov Women's Prison and in Kiev City Oncology Hospital.

Talk show for girls

We are now planning campaigns “I Am Able To Help” or “Looking For Grandparents and Grandchildren”. The events are unique in that older women who are in the nursing homes, can take part in caring for orphan children. We buy yarn for knitting, and elderly women knit socks for the kids. We take a picture of the woman with the child who receives socks from her. In this way the lonesome elderly women find a “grandchild” and an abandoned child finds a “Granny”. They will then have an opportunity to correspond and have fellowship.

Sometimes you only need something little to bring gladness into one’s life!

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