I have been familiar with the problem in orphanages for a long time. When I was 12, missionaries from the West often came to our city. I used to visit orphan children with them.

Before I had even won the competition, my friends and I learned that children are abandoned in every children's hospital. When we asked the doctors if there was any way we could help the kids, it was interesting to learn that besides diapers, clothes, and other necessary items, those kids just needed mere attention.


Every woman on earth wants to be loved. But unfortunately, so many young girls, not realizing their own value, just squander themselves. After one of my lectures, a girl came to me and asked: “What should I do? I’m dating a guy, I like him, but recently he told me to prove my love by having sexual intimacy with him. If I don’t do this he’ll probably leave me. And now I don’t know what to do.”

Youth Projects

Why young people?
People make nearly 10,000 decisions every day. Between the ages of 15-35, a person makes the most important decisions: what he or she will be in life, with whom to communicate, and with whom to fall in love with. And each of these decisions determines a persons future.

I've traveled to different cities and countries for the past four years, meeting with hundreds and thousands of teenagers. We've discussed topics like morality and ethics, and in particular how to preserve one's values and whether values are even important at all. At the university in BelarusThese are the main issues that arise every time I speak at schools, colleges, and universities. After all, most videos, movies and the media portray a message that having moral values is so "yesterday".

It all started on day when a magazine journalist asked me a question about my personal life. I replied that