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About Lika Roman

Lika Roman was born in Uzhgorod in May 12, 1985. She graduated from Kiev Slavistic University, International Relations course.

Lika’s father Viktor, is a musician, teaching the guitar; her mother Svetlana, is a professional overclothes designer. When Lika was eight years old, she and her mother started going to an evangelical church. It was there that her Christian values were formed. The young lady studied in Uzhgorod school #19. In her spare time Lika likes to play the piano and ski.

Since she was 17 Lika was invited to participate in various beauty contests, with three appealing contract offers for work in the modeling business. But every time she refused – owing to her moral principles and continued studying and working as a hairdresser in one of the best beauty salons in the city.

Celebrity Lika Roman

2.5 months before the National Beauty Pageant final, one of Lika’s clients, Natalia Vorona, offered her to take part in the Miss Ukraine 2007 competition. Unexpected for anyone and for herself, Lika wins, breaking the stereotype that all top positions of the contest are purchased; she is grateful to the Lord for her victory.

Lika is now involved in various international activity, as she builds relations in the cultural and educational spheres. She gives lectures regarding moral and spiritual values in numerous educational institutions in Ukraine, Belarus, and America... She organizes and participates in various charity campaigns for orphans, street children, women and teenagers in penal colonies.

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